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  1. Mike Resse

    Mike Resse

    4 hours ago

    It'd be a great trip play quarterback rotates out tight end shifts behind the center run a reverse pass option with options

  2. paridisenwinter3313


    4 hours ago

    Sign Gelo! He is a 20 and 10 guy every night.

  3. James Davis

    James Davis

    4 hours ago

    Eagles are being disrespected by everyone. I can’t wait🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  4. Rollingkneebah97 1997

    Rollingkneebah97 1997

    4 hours ago

    He won’t make the final lol but good on him for trying

  5. Ocean Master

    Ocean Master

    4 hours ago

    Kyle Pitts will be good but man the way his chest got bumped so much in college I’m a little nervous for him in the NFL. He’s still fast enough to get around guys in the league but those DBs and LBs hitting your chest is a lot different than college

  6. Anthony Kaufman

    Anthony Kaufman

    5 hours ago

    shannon usually speaks straight facts but this one was so terrible genuinely sounds like he has never watched football before

  7. Blickysnfn


    5 hours ago

    This why UFC sucks, the same bums fighting over and over again

  8. Jay Seaborg

    Jay Seaborg

    5 hours ago

    If the pool is so plentiful then why hasn't another team found a QB that's even close to being Jackson? This is just a stupid point and Brooks just wants the air time. Why isn't he talking about Allen? He's been to fewer playoff games than Jackson and is going to demand close to the same amount of money, so why not suggest Buffalo do it? Why not Cleveland? Mayfield will NEVER be as effective as Jackson and he's going to get paid, so why not him? Every team searches for a QB they can just plug in for 8-10 seasons so they can construct an offense around him, and that's why nobody does this whole college model.

  9. Kendall Pittman

    Kendall Pittman

    5 hours ago


  10. bruce bagley

    bruce bagley

    5 hours ago

    Skip full of shit

  11. Elliott Hyde

    Elliott Hyde

    5 hours ago

    Another fun fact. Skip is in agreement for the right play at the right time even if the star isn’t shooting the ball. Unless it’s lebron. And I’m no fan of lebron

  12. Alfredo Hernandez

    Alfredo Hernandez

    5 hours ago

    Anybody else notice that Payton got illegally blocked in the back on that pick six? Just saying.

  13. Black man from South Carolina

    Black man from South Carolina

    5 hours ago

    People would respect Jeffrey Epstein before Michael Vick let that sink in

  14. Signseries entllc

    Signseries entllc

    5 hours ago

    Don't slander my kings cuz you want them to follow your roman gladiator system

  15. Signseries entllc

    Signseries entllc

    5 hours ago

    Its no different from Iverson's practice lol I mean the NBA has been going on for a while maybe its time for something new

  16. Signseries entllc

    Signseries entllc

    5 hours ago

    Yea but you have to be careful it's all about wisdom.. Its a job yes.. But they are the reason why people come and pay to watch

  17. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson

    5 hours ago

    Great players not a great team Russ had play on Shan

  18. Howitzer Driver

    Howitzer Driver

    5 hours ago

    Just hating they couldn’t do it. Let him try and then commentate and/or offer your opinion

  19. Robert Lussier

    Robert Lussier

    5 hours ago

    God this show should stick to football. Let the mma shows cover mma. These idiots are so cringe

  20. UFO'S ARE REAL!!!


    6 hours ago

    "I'm Just Here So I don't Get Fined" -Marshawn Lynch 😆😆

  21. Fair Treatment

    Fair Treatment

    6 hours ago

    Rodgers is MJ as Dan Marino is Brady. Sorry son failing over and over in the playoffs makes sure you are never in that class

  22. Evilenas Plays

    Evilenas Plays

    6 hours ago

    I want to see LBJ AD and Westbrook next year

  23. DropSixteenTV Tv

    DropSixteenTV Tv

    6 hours ago

    At one point ppl tried to tell me obj is better than Julio... lol

  24. R J

    R J

    6 hours ago

    He should’ve done the interview so yall could pick at him? Sell the product my ass everything he say y’all twist up. Somehow not doing an interview messes with the whole Nets as a team .... right

  25. jimbob90p


    6 hours ago

    Those old teams peyton would have destroyed them

  26. mitch_life oregondayz

    mitch_life oregondayz

    6 hours ago

    I still remember that catch where it was offensive pass interference, he pushed off the defender to make that catch and it wasn't called

  27. Gaming With Mr. June5th

    Gaming With Mr. June5th

    6 hours ago

    I agree, it’s no purpose of trading Julio NOW, that doesn’t help after the draft. The purpose of drafting Pitts was to add to Julio, Ridley, Gage and Hurst. Team drafted nice on both sides of the ball but clearly offense is the strong point. The Lions have nothing to offer worth Julio, a lot of teams don’t. Like Shannon said, unless it’s Khalil Mack or Ramsey, I’m not trading Julio

  28. Louis Whitr

    Louis Whitr

    6 hours ago

    Lavar ball already told us that his baby boy is the best you guys not doing your job

  29. James Bennett

    James Bennett

    6 hours ago

    I have to admit I thought both of them would be ruined by their dad. Props to both of them for becoming solid players.

  30. King Cation

    King Cation

    6 hours ago

    Throw the ball more Lamar 🤦🏾‍♂️

  31. Have Issues

    Have Issues

    7 hours ago

    Which Ball brother is better? Lavar

  32. Roman Davidovich

    Roman Davidovich

    7 hours ago

    Melo is better than Zo and it’s not even close. Where the hell was this confidence surge when he was with the lakers? I swear whenever the lakers draft someone they don’t work out lol 😆 not gonna lie it’s like rookies who play for LA play like duds and when they leave they somehow become better lol wtf man haha

  33. Giants Freak1

    Giants Freak1

    7 hours ago

    Wish him the best, but been hearing that same thing for a long time now...

  34. Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    7 hours ago

    Wish he didn't take the Vaccine 😢

  35. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne Verhoff

    7 hours ago

    Jokic not the worst

  36. Kevin Sylvester

    Kevin Sylvester

    7 hours ago

    For anyone that watches anime, Westbrook reminds me of ‘’berserker’’ in the fate series

  37. Lockup_Hoosier


    7 hours ago

    Yeah. Keep hating on Jones. Him and Belechick will prove you morons wrong once again.

  38. Richard Riley

    Richard Riley

    7 hours ago

    Players*** not player, you can have two great players but the team has to be great together as well. Russell is doing what he has to do!!!

  39. KING COO


    7 hours ago

    Bucky is an I D I O T

  40. ibrudy69


    7 hours ago

    When the Nuggets lose in the first round the league, Broussard and company will be embarrassed ... again ... just like when Giannis won it back to back.

  41. Robert Robinson Blakktarseminar

    Robert Robinson Blakktarseminar

    7 hours ago

    Skip is hilarious

  42. seansdp1


    8 hours ago

    Don’t know which is worse Bucky’s take on LJ or his suit

  43. The Rise Of The Wolf

    The Rise Of The Wolf

    8 hours ago

    So no love for TO huh

  44. Jason


    8 hours ago

    The last 5 weeks of the season, Chubb and Hunt COMBINED rushed for 482 yards....so if you spread that out between the two of them, that’s about 48 yards per game the final 5 weeks. Meanwhile, Baker throws only 1 interception the final 9 games of the season. And FYI, no other QB in the league did that. I’m not saying that Baker is a 40 mil a year QB, I’m just saying that it’s disingenuous to imply that the running game was this two headed monster the entire season. It just wasn’t. Baker went out and won games (TEN, CIN, NYG) with his arm this year. The coach is the difference. Low IQ football fans think the coach doesn’t matter when in fact it is the single biggest most important thing.

  45. Chris Giuseppini

    Chris Giuseppini

    8 hours ago

    I’m so confused... didn’t this all come out to be Schefter’s lie?

    • Tch3677


      4 hours ago

      What schef said about rodgers wanting out is not a lie. However, he broke the news on draft day, making it look like sources informed him that rodgers wanted out on draft day, which is not true. Rodgers wanted out before draft day, schef decided to just break the news on draft day just to get the most attention.

  46. Jay from 919

    Jay from 919

    8 hours ago

    I want dk to prove all the haters wrong

  47. theridgegang


    8 hours ago

    People forget that had Patrick Beverly not tore Russ meniscus with a cheap shot. They had a very good chance to win the finals that year. And the finals against the Heat was the 2nd worst officiated series of all time.

  48. DboyTheOriginal


    8 hours ago

    I ran a 4.7 my senior year and trained my whole life or it lol

  49. Angel Fish

    Angel Fish

    8 hours ago

    urban does not have a tight after tebow was at gators, get it? we know whats going on.

  50. Rich C

    Rich C

    8 hours ago

    Belichick said cam is the qb. So cam is the qb. What part of that doesn't skip understand?

  51. Dirty Randy

    Dirty Randy

    8 hours ago

    Watch Kyle Pitts be average lol



    8 hours ago

    Bucky who?

  53. Cheryl Williams

    Cheryl Williams

    8 hours ago

    Say the NETS don't make Finals, do you sit down with KD and Harden and say look, this Kyrie stuff is rough, we want him but can y'all talk to him? If not, what GUARD can you guys play with going forward?! Could this happen?

  54. Dario Mouratidis

    Dario Mouratidis

    8 hours ago

    0:00 Dude, slow down

  55. Damon Mason

    Damon Mason

    8 hours ago

    Players don’t win championships by themselves. You need to get the right players? So players do win championships😂😂. Westbrook style doesn’t win! His decision making and shooting 30 times doesn’t win. He’s been on great players but he was one of the main reasons they lost.

  56. Wendelle G

    Wendelle G

    9 hours ago

    Let's be honest. Most schools don't have the revenue to complete with the Powet 5 schools. HBCUs will never compete with them. The question should be how do they compete with other schools like North Dakota State that are putting out players like Trey Lance.

  57. Andre Wright

    Andre Wright

    9 hours ago

    I don't know what bucky been smoking.

  58. Richard Longfellow

    Richard Longfellow

    9 hours ago

    This is the biggest joke in boxing history.

  59. Ernestine Gordon

    Ernestine Gordon

    9 hours ago

    Russell still a bum

  60. Lule Prle

    Lule Prle

    9 hours ago

    Time to do to NBA what we've done to Super League! Ban it from Europe!

  61. Launza Barnes

    Launza Barnes

    9 hours ago

    He got out of the first round last yr, what is he talking about???????

  62. Reggie Spear

    Reggie Spear

    9 hours ago

    Chamberlain is still the greatest player of all time Yahoo sports announcers are assholes

  63. oOo ShyGuy

    oOo ShyGuy

    9 hours ago

    They agreed on the 5th year. We will see what happens. We all know Baker will be with us.

  64. Shawn VEL

    Shawn VEL

    9 hours ago

    Jordan love is no Rodgers...but the kid is Good let them both be great

  65. Klub Member

    Klub Member

    9 hours ago

    Mike Vick is a LEGEND there's no debate

  66. cjh 94

    cjh 94

    9 hours ago

    Man these guys should really not be talking MMA

  67. Darnell Oulds Jr

    Darnell Oulds Jr

    9 hours ago

    Send him to the broncos for Von Miller lol or DK for Julio Nico Bosa from the niners

  68. The dapper Dan

    The dapper Dan

    10 hours ago

    Lamar needs to come to the saints ... I know but listen since they need a Wr they can trade Michael Thomas for Lamar since we need a qb and then the ravens can get Justin fields

  69. c j

    c j

    10 hours ago

    Chiefs got exposed theyre overhyped and this season that new chiefs o-line will also get exposed and prove to be overhyped. After sb56 Brady will become the 1st QB to win back-to-back with 2 different franchises

  70. motown 1970

    motown 1970

    10 hours ago

    Mac Jones is going to surprise the hell out of them haters and make them look stupid.

  71. Jovan Lauderdale

    Jovan Lauderdale

    10 hours ago

    They got passed the first round vs thunder to play lakers unc 😭

  72. gbo o

    gbo o

    10 hours ago

    Cam newton should pick mac jones up also.I doubt sharpe would ever go that far

  73. Levi Bundy

    Levi Bundy

    10 hours ago

    I love how Cam Newton gets all these passes. The dude has had several trash years but people still think hes the guy.