UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless reacts Eagles look to bounce back from down year after trading Wentz

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UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless reacts Eagles look to bounce back from down year after trading Wentz


  1. jshulman98


    5 days ago

    Eagles situation isn't nearly as bad as they make it seem. Draft Jamar Chase or Smith at 6, sign a FA CB opposite Slay, trade Ertz and maybe take Pat Friermuth in 2nd round or FA Tight end, and really if the Eagles stay healthy the roster is fine. IF Hurts gets better we're good at QB, will be good at WR with that draft pick, good at TE with Goedert and someone else, offensive line should be healthy with Lane, Dillard, and Brandon Brooks coming back, Sanders is a solid RB, our defensive line is always solid with Cox, Graham, Barnett, Hargrave, Sweat, draft picks.. LB's we could upgrade but Davion Taylor should get playing time and maybe a third rounder there, and secondary can be fixed in FA with like an AJ Bouye, Malik Hooker FA addition... I'm betting my money on the Eagles winning the division.

  2. Zack Bone

    Zack Bone

    5 days ago

    Perfect scenario for undisputed: lebron and brady both get traded to cowboys in 2024

    • Action Jackson

      Action Jackson

      5 days ago

      That’s not even funny. Be realistic and maybe you’ll find some humor. It used to be respected to stand by your team and your guy or to just not be shook on your opinion. Now you mock and make jokes about it. Just shows that the new age has no loyalty and can be easily swayed. I’m 27 and I can’t stand my own generation.

    • zeakstigmata2


      5 days ago

      Skip would have a heart attack lmao

  3. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    5 days ago

    that boy tayler heinikie can balll

  4. John Lennon

    John Lennon

    5 days ago

    Washington is probably going to be the best team in the division next season. they just made it to the playoffs and gave Tampa bay their hardest game of the post season! Heineki played better against their defense than mahomes, Rodgers, and brees.

    • I Wouldn't Like Me Either

      I Wouldn't Like Me Either

      5 days ago

      Your stupidity seems to forget you have a new plan for every team your stupidity also doe not seem to tell you that you have a game plan for every QB you complete idiot